A good quality loader for your new Case IH tractor comes with additional features and options to add value and versatility.  When considering your loader package, ask your dealer about some of the following features and options:
Solid Steel Level Gauge
Solid Steel Level Gauge
The implement gauge is constructed from solid steel bars and a welded cast steel bracket providing a long-lasting tool that helps you set the level point for buckets and implements that can be difficult to see over the bonnet once lowered.
This handy feature is easily adjusted to accomodate different implements and operating angles, and makes guiding the blades into the loading material much easier.
Multi-Couplers and Control Valve Options
Case IH VISION-LIFT loaders are designed to allow the use of Multi-Couplers that increase the ease of use when changing 3rd and 4th function dependant implements from quick couplers. 
You can also obtain multicouplers on VISION-LIFT loaders for easier hydraulic coupling of the loader on and off the tractor.
Along with the included third function service, an optional fourth function service is available
3rd and 4th Function Service
Along with the third function service, an optional fourth function service is available to be fitted at the time the loader is ordered. It can also be purchased as an after-market fitment, with standard couplings or an easy-to-use multi-coupling system. The third and fourth function services are activated right from the loader joystick.