Because the hydraulic distribution lines and self-levelling linkage are now fitted inside the loader boom, you gain significant extra visibility over the and around the loader.  Being able to see the front wheels and the full view over the bonnet makes traversing rough ground and maneuvring alongside bales and yards that much easier.

Masses of extra visibility
Enclosed Self-Levelling Linkage
One of the key features that sets VISION-LIFT loaders apart from alternative loader choices is the extra visibility you gain as the self-levelling linkage has been enclosed inside the loader arms, instead of on top of the arms.
This is a very innovative step that is the result of several years of development but the benefit is greatly increased visibility of around 200mm more than usual, plus the appearance of the loaders matches the smooth clean lines of your Case IH tractor.
Flush pin design ensures smooth clean lines for the loader arms.
Flush Pin Design For Smooth Lines
Flush pin design and hidden hydraulic hoses increases loader to tractor clearances and provides clean boom arm surfaces free from hoses, brackets, fittings and other components traditionally mounted on the boom arm surface. 
Vision and style is further maximised with the use of high-gauge 40mm pins, industrial self-lubricating bearings, and cast levelling crank allowing a hidden compact levelling system.  All pins have easy access greasing-points. By regularly greasing your VISION-LIFT front-end loader, you will ensure your loader remains in good working order. Although the bearings are self-lubricating, it is important to keep fresh grease in the bearings for best operational performance.
Hydraulic hoses and wiring are thread inside the arms
Enclosed Hydraulic Hoses And Wiring
Running the hydraulic hoses and the wiring harness through customised chutes allows Case IH VISION-LIFT loaders to remain clear and uncluttered, thus improving visibility and ease of use.
The entry chutes also deliver increased strength to the loader arms with special steel castings around the chutes to prevent hose damage.
Heavy duty cross bar for added strength
Cross-Bar Design For Strength And Visibility
The cross bar between the two loader arms is a tremendously important part of the loader in terms of strength and performance, since it bears much of the stress of heavily laden buckets and implements.
The Case IH VISION-LIFT loaders are engineered with extra strength through the cross bar, and the bar itself is protected by a heavy duty polyethylene cover that shields hosing and wiring as well as protecting the bar.
The frame and the cross-bar features a total of six high-penetration welds from the boom arms to the strengthened cross bar tube.