The Auto Tracker automatic basecutter height system now comes standard on 8000 and 8800 cane harvesters:
  • Automatically lowers or raises the harvester through sensors in the hydraulic suspension system
  • Improves yield
  • Is easy to use
  • Allows operators to concentrate on other harvest functions
  • Can be retrofitted for models manufactured since 1999
Programmable Auto Tracker allows the basecutter on Case IH cane harvesters to maximize yield & protect next year's crop.
Stool Protection
The Auto Tracker preserves next year’s crop by cutting near the ground without damaging or pulling out stools:
  • Reduces the number of stools pulled out by the basecutter by 27.2%
  • Reduces basecutter stool disturbance by 28.3%
  • Reduces the number of stools pulled out by the basecutter at the row heads by 62.9%
These results show that the automatic basecutter operation is better or at least equal to operation performed by an experienced employee running the harvester manually.
After the Auto Tracker system is calibrated, there’s no need to worry about constant cutting height adjustment:
  • Height is automatically adjusted through pressure and exclusive height sensors to an ideal cutting height
  • Operator uses the manual system for about the first 10 minutes of harvest
  • Data accrues in manual module
  • Auto Tracker saves that information and determines the most adequate hydraulic pressure and cut height averages for that area
Additional Auto Tracker Features
  • Pressure/cut height can be easily adjusted if necessary when harvesting lodged cane, with the simple touch of the adjustment key
  • Automatic turn lift feature is activated when operator slows engine
    • System automatically lifts the harvester to allow turning
    • Harvester returns to cutting position when throttle position is raised again
  • Electronic display features just four simple keys
    • Large numbers and backlighting make night viewing easier
  • Clog alarm advises operator when the system is overloaded
    • Prevents choke stops