The spacious, two-door, walk-through cab on the 8000 Series Austoft® sugarcane harvesters offers unrivaled comfort, visibility and control.
Case IH have upgraded the cab to deliver more comfort and control in the 8000 Series, with emphasis on safety, ergonomics and operational effectiveness.
The unique cab design of Case IH cane harvesters provides full, 360-degree visibility.
360-degree Visibility
Large windows and four rearview mirrors provide 360-degree visibility from the cab.
  • Unobstructed view to the front to observe:
    • Cane being harvested
    • Crop dividers
    • Topper
  • Rear-view mirrors provide unrestricted view of:
    • Elevator
    • Haul-out bin
Exterior lighting on all Case IH 7000 Series cane harvesters allow for around-the-clock harvesting during critical times.
Halogen Quartz Lighting
Comfortable night harvesting is possible with the cab’s halogen quartz lighting:
  • Adjustable headlights illuminate the work area in front of the machine
  • Lights mounted on the rear of the cab roof illuminate the elevator and haul-out bin
The cab interior Case IH 7000 Series cane harvesters is built for operator comfort and convenience.
Additional Cab Features
  • Quiet, 78-dBA noise level is maintained by:
    • Eliminating air gaps
    • Isolating the cab on rubber mounts
    • Using the best-quality noise insulation material
  • Fully-adjustable, air-suspended seat is standard and features a movable arm rest
  • Tilt steering wheel and sun visor also are standard features
  • Efficient air-conditioning system with well-distributed vents keeps operator comfortably cool on hot days
  • Electronic controls and instruments are conveniently placed for straightforward harvesting operation
    • Well-lit controls and monitors are easy to read