The 8000 Series Austoft® cane harvester cleaning system uses the Case IH-designed and developed Anti-vortex system:
  • The most modern and efficient cleaning system
  • Reduces extraneous matter and cane loss
  • Dramatically improves the load density for transport, lowering operating costs
The efficient Case IH cleaning system design maximizes operating power and reduces cane losses by up to 50%.
Cleaning System Design
The Anti-vortex system was designed to improve airflow in the primary extractor chamber:
  • Hydraulically driven via a vertical shaft mounted in a two-piece, high-density plastic hood
  • Separates trash from cane billets and deposits trash in a controlled flow behind the machine
  • Fan operating speed is reduced from 1,300 rpm to 850 rpm
  • Design reduces vortex effect while also reducing cane losses by up to 50%
  • Required operating power reduced by approximately 30 hp (22.4 kW)
    • Promotes more efficient fuel consumption
Reduction of vegetable trash, Case IH 7000 Series cane harvesters
Trash Reduction
Operating at 850 rpm, the Anti-vortex system reduces the percentage of trash (leaves and stems) by around 20% compared to other systems:
  • Results in higher-quality cane shipped to refinery
  • Enhances cane mill yield
Lower cane losses, Case IH 7000 Series cane harvesters
Lower Cane Losses

The 850-rpm operating speed also reduces cane losses from 176 kg/ton to 4.8 kg/ton:

  • An exceptional 12.8-kg/ton drop
Higher density cargo translates to lower transportation costs for Case IH 7000 Series cane harvesters.
Increased Load Density and Transport
  • Four-blade chopper drums reduce billet length from 240 to 170 mm
  • No cane loss despite smaller billets, due to the Anti-vortex system
  • Load density is increased by 18% for in-field transport and 14% for on-highway transport
  • Higher-density cargo means lower transportation costs and potential increase in the area of cane supplied to the mill
Billets are conveyed efficiently, with minimal loss, by the elevator system
  • The primary extractor uses the Anti-vortex system to clean the cane billets:
    • Removes leaves and other matter
  • The secondary extractor is a hydraulically driven fan mounted inside the plastic directional hood at the end of the elevator:
    • Cleans the billets a second time
    • Removes remaining dirt
    • Ensures the cleanest sample
Billets are conveyed efficiently, with minimal loss, by the elevator system
Elevator System
The strong, reliable elevator system conveys the billets via a chain and flights to the secondary extractor:
  • Consists of a swing table, swing system, bowl and chain conveyor
  • Bin flap directs the can billet discharge flow into the cart or bin