The 8000 Series Austoft cane harvesters are equipped witha  Case IH 8.7L engine delivering 353hp, power that's needed in Australia's often damp cane conditions and heavy foliage.
  • The cooling package has been redesigned to ensure excellent performance and ongoing reliability.
  • Engine Status monitoring with the new Standard Trip Computer and Data Logger
The Case IH 7700 cane harvester engine is easily monitored from the interior of the cab with the digital engine function gauge.
Integrated Engine Monitoring
Every machine also is equipped with a digital engine monitoring of key parameters including:
  • Displays major functions
    • Forward speed
    • Engine hours
    • Engine oil pressure
    • Engine Load
    • Coolant temperature
    • Tachometers for extractor, chopper and basecutter
    • Any applicable engine error codes
Harvest efficiency is enhanced with the new Case IH 7700 cane harvester cooling system.
Cooling Package
The 8000 Series Austoft® cane harvester cooling package has been upgraded and enhanced. Updated features:
  • Remote cooling module with rotary screen
    • Reduces maintenance
  • Ejection of cane removed from coolers
    • Exits from the bottom of the screen
    • Is thrown clear of the harvester
  • Cooling fan mechanically driven from the engine crankshaft pulley
    • Promotes high efficiency and simplified operation