Rain, strong winds, heavy cane varieties and seed cane all can present unique harvest challenges. The Case IH feeding system can tackle challenging conditions, even in lodged and tangled cane.
The topper of Case IH cane harvesters features varied options to adapt to different crop-management scenarios.
  • Removes the tops from the cane stalk and spreads them evenly on the ground
  • Hi-power shredder topper – cuts and shreds the tops into 100mm pieces
    • Designed to supply more fragmented material and spread more evenly on the ground
    • Best option for locations where cultivation is required for trash blanketing
  • Adjustable height from 960mm to 4000mm
45-Degree Crop Dividers
  • Deliver the best performance in down cane
    • Gently lift and separate the stalk row to be harvested from adjacent rows
  • Exclusive rotating toes improve lifting
    • Replace the fixed shoes
    • Move less soil
    • Minimize dirt entrance and harvester wear
Knock-Down Rollers
  • Hydraulically adjustable
  • Adjust effortlessly for changing crop conditions
Standard side trim knives on Case IH cane harvesters improve yields and minimize stool damage in challenging conditions.
Standard Side Trim Knives
  • Cuts the lodged cane not separated by crop dividers
  • Minimizes stool damage
  • Exclusive hydraulic height adjustment
    • Adjusts height to accommodate changing crop conditions
    • Easily performed from cab
The Case IH cane harvester basecutter severs cane at ground level without damaging stools
  • Cuts cane efficiently and precisely at ground level
  • Feeds cane into the feedroller train butt-end first
  • Removable discs:
    • Five replaceable blades on each disc
    • Deliver clean cutting to ensure ideal rattoning conditions
    • Preserve stools to maximize future yields
Case IH cane harvesters feeding features a number of flexible options.
Additional Feeding Features
  • Buttlifter roller lifts the cut cane bundle and feeds it into the feed rollers
    • Choose open or closed blades depending on soil type
  • Auto Tracker provides automatic control of basecutter height
    • Provides more sensitivity and quicker response time
    • Creates a precise and uniform cut
    • Reduces losses and damage to stools
  • Feed rollers carry the cane evenly to the chopper system
    • Allow for removal of dirt from the crop mat
    • Upper rollers float, allowing for even feeding of large volumes of crop
  • Chopper drums
    • Cut cane and trash cleanly
    • Provide maximum life with replaceable blades
    • Deliver consistent, optimum chop length
    • Feed billets into the primary extractor cleaning chamber