Case IH Austoft® pioneered the use of hydraulic systems in cane harvesters, and has continually simplified and improved efficiency for optimum performance, reduced maintenance and lower operating costs.
Improvements to the original hydraulic system of Case IH cane harvesters have made the machines even more reliable.
Modern Hydraulic System Features
The hydraulic systems of all 8000 and 8800 cane harvesters feature:
  • Streamlined critical hose routing and assembly
  • Quick connect port added to hydraulic oil tank to simplify fill process
Quality features in the hydraulic system of Case IH cane harvesters mean minimal hydraulic breakdowns and easy service.
Additional Hydraulic System Features
Other hydraulic system features include:
  • Manifold valve design works more efficiently than traditional, separate spool valves
    • Reduces the number of hoses, valves, “Y” blocks and fittings
    • Makes the hydraulic system easier to service
  • Manifold blocks are fitted in the:
    • Topper
    • Elevator
    • Chopper
    • Basecutter circuits
  • Hydraulic oil:
    • Filtered prior to returning to the hydraulic oil reservoir
    • Ensures efficient, reliable operation