When harvest begins, there is no time to spare. The 8000 Series Austoft® cane harvesters are designed for convenient daily service and simple maintenance.
Service on all Case IH cane harvesters is made easier by a number of key design features
Efficient Maintenance Features
  • Maintenance time and costs are kept to a minimum due to:
    • Convenient, removable panels
    • Easy-to-reach air cleaner
    • Hydraulic filters mounted outside the engine box
    • Open, circuit-type hydraulics
    • Suction filters
  • Cab floor is the same level as the door for easy clean-out
  • Pockets inside doors provide another convenient storage area
Tilting Cab

Cab tilts 60 degrees to the left-hand side for easy access to the engine and other internal components.

  • Operated by remote-mounted hydraulic hand pump with pilot check valves for safety