Advanced Rotor Technology

When we introduced our first combine featuring the Axial-Flow single rotor design in 1977, we  knew that a single rotor design was the right solution. This exclusive, revolutionary Case IH technology produces superior grain quality and better value than any other combine on the market.  


The AFX rotor can be set into many configurations, adapting to both crop and threshing conditions with the use of straight bars, spiked rasp bars, and helical kickers. Competitive rotor and cage designs can reduce productivity, and increase grain damage because of inefficient feeding and crop-control designs.


High-capacity combines need large, high-capacity cleaning systems. Axial-Flow combines match cleaning system capacity to the size of the machine, providing superior efficiency, grain sample quality and savings. The Cross-Flow cleaning fan uses its patented design to deliver consistently clean grain samples no matter the harvest condition. The result is exceptional grain quality, ideal for food-grade crops or crops grown by any producer that demands the most from their machine.