Residue Management System

We offer the widest range of residue management features on the market to tailor residue to your tillage and livestock demands. The system delivers consistency across the larger header widths used on the Axial-Flow 30 series combines, helps prepare the ground for next year’s crop and can create consistent windrow formations and long straw for baling.


If you’re looking to enhance your field environment, uniform residue spreads are an important first step before seed, chemical and fertiliser placement. Axial-Flow 7230, 8230 and 9230 models offer a new bolted paddle with enhanced geometry for increased width and even chaff spreading.


Easily adjust spread width with the new three-sided spreader chute, with position and speed adjustment from the cab.


A new centre divider also adjusts to control the spread pattern behind the combine. In addition, the windrow opening is 45% larger with an improved residue geometry to  provide better windrow formation and material flow.