The Cotton Express® 420 and 620 feature three-speed hydrostatic transmissions, electromechanical parking brakes and dual pedal hydraulic power disc brakes.
The Cotton Express 420 features a dual-wheel capable heavy-duty final drive, while the 620 boasts a super-heavy-duty dual-wheel standard final drive.
Case IH Cotton Express cotton pickers operate in three gears, with the 3rd gear designed for fast transport speed
Cotton Express Hydrostatic Drive
In their two lowest gears, both the Cotton Express 420 and the larger 620 feature the same speeds: 0 - 4.0 mph (0 - 6.3 kph) in 1st gear and 0 - 4.8 mph (0 - 7.7 kph) in 2nd.
The Cotton Express pickers’ highest gears (3rd gear) are designed for on-the-road self transport. The Cotton Express 420 is capable of speeds up to 18.5 mph (29.6 kph), while the 620 attains velocities of up to 15 mph (24.1 kph).