Case IH Cotton Express® cotton pickers feature a patented drum-and-spindle design that lets you recover more cotton. Two-sided picking means you harvest from both sides of the row.
Field tests prove increased efficiency of up to 3% with a Case IH cotton picker. That can quickly add up to almost $21,600 of extra income per 1,500 acres (607 hectares). Even a relatively minor 1% gain could result in up to $7,200 more income.
Case IH Cotton Express cotton pickers feature high-efficiency rotors.
Rotors Designed For High Efficiency
Case IH Cotton Express pickers are designed with rotors on both sides of the plant to give you more thorough penetration and complete coverage of the plant during picking. That can mean increased efficiency and profitability.
Case IH Cotton Express cotton pickers feature Extenda-Wear Plus Spindles for more efficient picking and maximum durability.
Extenda-Wear Plus Spindles
Cotton Express pickers feature spindle design with a superior barb pattern of three rows of 14 barbs. The first three barbs in each row are cut at a 30-degree angle to pick efficiently and help start the doffing process while the last eleven barbs are cut on a 45-degree angle. These barb configurations result in more efficient picking and doffing.
And for extended service life, Extenda-Wear Plus™ Spindles have a 90-micron chrome thickness. Each spindle nut and shield is zinc-dichromate coated for superior corrosion protection.