For maximum picking efficiency, the Module Express™ 625 features the Case IH two-sided drum. A plant has two sides – why not pick both?
Maximize your yield and profit by picking more cotton from both sides of the row. Get the most thorough plant penetration and picking efficiency – more than an in-line drum that picks only from one side.
The Case IH Module Express 625 features Extenda-Wear Plus Spindles for more efficient picking and maximum durability.
Extenda-Wear Plus Spindles
The Module Express 625 Cotton Picker features Extenda-Wear Plus™ Spindles with superior barb pattern of three rows of fourteen barbs. The first three barbs in each row are cut at a 30-degree angle to pick efficiently and help the cotton easily move off the spindle during the doffing process.
For more efficient picking, the last 11 barbs are cut at a 45 degree angle. Extenda-Wear Plus Spindles have 90-micron chrome thickness to provide you with maximum durability.