For self-propelled capacity and maneuverability at a pull-type price, fit an HDX 2 Series sicklebar header to the SC101. Choose one of three cutting widths: 4.34m (14 ft. 3 in., 4.95m (16 ft. 3 in.) and 5.56m (18 ft. 3 in.). Features center pivot design with hydraulic tongue swing and 1,000-rpm hydrostatic drive.
Case IH SC101 sicklebar mower conditioner features hydraulically driven dual sickles for a smooth, clean cut.
  • Heavy-duty dual wobble drives ensure long, trouble-free life
  • Hydraulically driven dual sickles provide smooth, clean cutting with less vibration and maintenance
  • Counter-stroking action of dual sickles shears crops cleanly and minimizes vibration
  • Bolt-on knife sections are standard – can be replaced easily in the field
  • Overserrated knife sections provide long life and a clean cut
  • Double heat-treated range guards:
    • Designed for long life in tough conditions
    • Provide superior resistance to rock damage
Case IH SC101 sicklebar mower conditioner features a floating auger that keeps crop moving smoothly to conditioning rolls.
Unique floating auger keeps crop moving smoothly to the conditioning rolls. The 508mm (20in.)-diameter auger, with 127mm (5in.) flighting, floats up to 50.8mm (2 in.).
  • Slugs of material pass underneath without plugging
  • Low-profile header floor helps provide an even crop feed to the auger
  • Auger slip clutch protects the auger and drive system
Rugged, five-bat, all-steel reels are fully adjustable – fore and aft and vertically – to smoothly feed even the thickest crops to the auger. Tine bars are segmented for easy servicing.
Case IH SC101 sicklebar mower conditioner uses a conditioning system to optimize drydown performance
Conditioning Systems
Case IH offers a choice of conditioning systems to optimize drydown performance for various crops and conditions: 
  • Rubber-on-rubber spiral conditioning rolls provide a combination of crush and crimp conditioning
  • Steel-on-steel rolls are available on all HDX 2 Series headers to provide longer life in high-use operations
  • Hi-Contact rolls available for use in crops/climates that benefit from high-contact conditioning
The Case IH roll pressure system uses a unique torsion-bar conditioning system:
  • Allows conditioning rolls to automatically separate to clear slugs without stopping or lifting the machine
  • Maintains the same pressure under varying crop densities
  • Simple crank adjustment of conditioning roll pressure
Case IH SC101 sicklebar mower conditioner allows you to custom build windrows and swaths.
Windrow Formation
The SC101 lets you custom build the windrow or swath. Spread the crop out in a wide, fast-drying swath, or form it into a narrow, fluffy windrow that’s ready for baling or chopping.
  • Form the perfect windrow by adjusting the swathboard, fluffing baffle and forming shields
    • All adjust without tools to control crop flow
    • Change crop discharge from 965 - 2,438MM (38 - 96 in.) while maintaining constant conditioning pressure
  • Hydraulic header tilt for on-the-go cutterbar guard angle adjustments
    • Make adjustments from the cab
    • Adjust from 12 degrees below horizontal to a zero-degree cutting angle
    • Maneuver over field obstacles easily
Case IH SC101 sicklebar mower conditioners makes transport easy
Transport is facilitated by:
  • Auto-engaging transport lockouts
  • Bolt-on hitch extension
  • Complete transport lighting package
  • Highway transport chain
Header drive pump on the Case IH SC101 sicklebar mower conditioner is mounted on tongue of the trail frame and connects to the t
Mounted Pump, Telescoping PTO Shaft
The SC101’s header drive pump mounts on the tongue of the trail frame. It connects to the tractor by a telescoping PTO shaft.
The mounted pump is:
  • Swivel mounted on a 1.75-in (44.5-mm) composite non-greasable bushing
  • “Steered” by a link between the pump and tractor drawbar
Hydraulic pump makes it easier to connect to PTO and provides the ability to drive the pump by a drive shaft from the tractor.
SC101 mower conditioner’s primary PTO shaft stays in constant alignment with the tractor PTO shaft. Benefits include:
  • Ease of attachment or removal from tractor
  • Less wear to the tractor PTO shaft
  • Telescoping PTO shaft is lightweight
  • PTO shaft remains in alignment during all motions of travel
Full length auger eliminates need for co-rotating discs.