The WD 3 Series windrower controls are always within easy reach with the Case IH Multi-Function Propulsion Lever (MFPL).
The MFPL’s palm rest fits the natural grip of your hand. It can be positioned easily to match different operators. The result is responsive control of speed and direction.
View more information at once with a four-line display performance monitor on Case IH WD “3” Series windrowers.
Performance Monitor
A four-line display performance monitor that’s mounted on the console lets you view more information at once. A button on the MFPL lets you scroll through functions on the screen. You’re able to monitor:
  • Engine rpm
  • Header rpm
  • Ground speed (mph or kph)
  • Fuel level
  • Oil pressure
  • Coolant temperature
  • Engine hours
  • Header hours
  • Acres per hour
  • Battery voltage
Tilt and pivot the monitor around the console to eliminate screen glare, regardless of what angle the sun is shining.
Quickly respond to changing contours with hydraulic header flotation on Case IH WD “3” Series windrowers
Case IH WD 3 Series windrowers offer a wide selection of headers. Choose from:
  • Three top-performing rotary disc headers
  • Four sicklebar headers
  • Four draper headers
Quick-coupling hydraulics and lift arm latches allow you to switch between headers in a few minutes. To cut different kinds of crops, replace the disc header with either an HDX 2 Series sickle header or DH Series draper header in about 30 minutes – no tools required.
The hydraulically controlled header flotation system allows you to quickly respond to changing ground contours. Programmed from the cab, using the monitor, enter the type of header, and make adjustments easily on the go.
The independent hydraulic header flotation (WD1903 and WD2303) dual pumps control the cylinders on the left and right sides of the header. You can set the header’s left side independently from the right side. This is especially useful when working on borders and hillsides.