Case IH continues the tradition of giving you the most options to fit your operation. You can choose among three models.
Case IH RD132 rotary disc header is ideal for use in small fields.
  • Cutting width – 13 ft. (3.96 m)
  • Compatible – WD1903 and WD2303
  • Ideal for:
    • Moist climates where drydown of big windrows is difficult
    • Haymakers who need to maneuver in small fields
    • Provides a less costly but highly productive mowing package
Case IH RD162 rotary disc headers feature modules that can be easily removed and exchanged to suit different crops.
  • Cutting width – 15 ft. 5 in. (4.7 m)
  • Compatible – WD1903 and WD2303
    • Rubber-on-rubber conditioning rolls
    • Steel-on-steel conditioning rolls
    • Hi-Contact rolls for legume type crops in low humidity climates
    • Conditioning rolls are mounted in “modules’ that are easily removed and exchanged to suit different crops and conditions throughout the season
Complete removal of conditioning roll module allows for cutting without conditioning if desired.
Case IH RD162 specialty header is ideal for use with grass seed and mint.
RD162 Specialty Header
  • Cutting width – 15 ft. 4 in. (4.67 m)
  • Compatible – WD1903 and WD2303
  • Cutting height – from 0.85 - 2.6 in. (2.2 - 6.6 cm)
  • Ideal for grass seed and mint
  • Harvest at ground speeds up to 10 mph (16.1 kph)
  • Tapered flighting auger gently handles mass of crop before delivering it to the windrow
  • Flexible lean bar on the front of the header gently directs taller crops into the header
Case IH RD182 rotary disc headers are ideal for large-scale commercial growers.
  • Perfect for large-scale commercial growers – delivers unbeatable speed
  • Industry-leading cutting width – 18 ft. (5.48 m)
  • Compatible – WD2303
  • Recently upgraded 18-ft. (5.5-m) rotary windrower header
Full length auger eliminates need for co-rotating discs and increases cutoff performance.