• Fully customizable touch-screen display
  • Large, 26cm color screen is easily readable even with sun glare
  • Portable precision – easily moves from your tractor to your sprayer to your combine or cotton picker for use with your planter, baler aircart or pull-behind sprayer
  • ISO11783 compliant – will serve as a virtual terminal for any compliant implement
Use the AFS Pro 600 display to manage tractor functions on your Case IH Steiger, Quadtrac, Magnum and Puma tractors
Tractor Functions & Implement Control
Manage implement functions on your Case IH Steiger®, Quadtrac®, Magnum™ and Puma™ tractors using AFS® Field Performer Software and your AFS Pro 600 monitor.
  • Record and log:
    • Fuel level
    • Fuel/area
    • Fuel/hour
    • Work rate
    • Slip
    • Distance
    • Area
    • Engine load
    • Individual operator performance
    • Acres/hour
    • Engine efficiencies
  • Control implement raise, lower and folding functions and more
Put an AFS Pro 600 display to work in your Case IH Axial-Flow combine to monitor yields on-the-go
Axial-Flow Combines
An AFS® Pro 600 display in an Axial-Flow® combine provides:
  • On-the-go yield monitoring
  • Yield logging
  • On-screen, real-time yield and moisture mapping with optional AFS GPS and Compact Flash Data Card
  • Automatic Crop Setting monitoring and control (standard on the 20 Series; optional on the 88 Series)
The AFS yield and moisture system also is standard equipment on every Axial-Flow combine.
  • A moisture sensor measures moisture levels and grain temperature
  • A flow sensor measures the flow of grain in the elevator
A Case IH AFS Pro 600 monitor in your Cotton Express cotton picker tracks module weight, percent full and bales per acre
Module Express Cotton Pickers
Complete on-the-go information and control from the Module Express™ cab:
  • Track percent full
  • Module weight
  • Bales per acre
Plan drop-off points around the field that can be conveniently accessed for loading onto module trucks.