Standard equipment on every Axial-Flow® combine, and includes:
  • Moisture sensor – measures moisture and grain temperature to provide a uniform, dry weight baseline yield measurement
  • Flow sensor – measures the flow of grain in the elevator
  • AFS® Pro 600 display – shows yield and moisture readings from the sensors
    • Shows GPS positions, if equipped with an optional GPS receiver
    • Stores data for later analysis with optional AFS desktop software when optional Compact Flash Card is inserted into monitor and GPS is plugged into system
    • AFS desktop software allows you to analyze data on your office PC and generate printed reports and maps, manage and benchmark data
Case IH AFS Pro 600 monitor provides everything from basic yield and moisture readings to optional yield and moisture mapping
AFS Pro 600 Display
AFS Pro 600 color monitor with large, touch-screen display provides:
  • On-the-go yield monitoring
    • Optional yield logging and on-screen yield mapping from this single portable display
    • Optional real-time yield or moisture mapping so you can view maps on the go
    • Automatic Crop Setting monitor and control on Case IH Axial-Flow 7010, 8010, 7120, 8120 and 9120 combines