Using pulse width modulation (PWM) and computer technology to manage flow and droplet size specific to various chemicals, the AIM Command® spray system lets you toggle between two preset pressures that are independent of field speed and product rates. That means:
  • Better chemical performance and utilization
  • Consistent application patterns
  • No more pattern losses in turns, corners and on hills
  • Instant off/on control
  • Fewer opportunities for operator error
  • More time applying, increased average speeds
Patented AIM Command Spray System improves application accuracy and reduces operator stress.
AIM Command Spray System
A 3 - 24 mph (4.8 - 38.6 kph) speed range at a constant pressure and a greater range of GPA rates from a single tip can mean less operator fatigue/stress due to ease of operation, less need to overdrive the equipment to maintain patterns, and more time to think and react.
Users can expect less equipment failure due to the ability to comfortably "drive the terrain" without concern for pattern loss. The system is fully GPS/GIS compatible. Factory installation available on most Case IH sprayers and distributor retrofit available on any Case IH sprayer.