AIM Command
The AIM Command® spray system introduces a new level in spray technology by providing the operator with independent pressure control. The operator can:
  • Toggle between two pre-set pressures
  • Manage droplet size according to field and weather conditions without changing tips, speed or rate
  • Drive according to field conditions without the limitation of pressure deviation
    • This can increase average field speed by 1.6 - 4.8kph (1 - 3 mph) or more
    • So you spray more hours per day and more days per season
AIM Command on Case IH Patriot sprayers maintains pressure.
How AIM Command Works

The AIM Command computer:

  • Uses the sprayer's servo valve or product pump to maintain constant pressure at the boom
  • Automatically adjusts the pulse width of the solenoid at the nozzle body to manage flow, ensuring a constant application rate at a constant pressure

AIM Command results in better coverage:

  • Constant boom pressure and droplet size can be maintained within a 4.8 - 38.6 kph (3 - 24 mph) speed range
  • This eliminates under- or over-application in the corners and at the end of rows