JX cabs are spacious, comfortable and safe.  You'll enjoy the features that make working less arduous and more comfortable especially at the height of an Australian summer or winter!
  • Wide flat platforms make hopping on and off the tractors easy and less frustrating.
  • The transmissions and engines are well-separated from the cab, ensuring that heat and vibration into the cab are minimised.
  • Cab models come with air-conditioning and wide-opening windows for maximum comfort and visibility.
  • Operator controls are well-positioned and convenient without being difficult to use.  Using JX tractors can be quickly learned by any operator.
Spacious and Comfortable JX Cabs
Cab Features You'll Enjoy
Case IH places a lot of emphasis on comfort and therefore operator productivity and efficiency when designing its cabs.  The JX tractor cab is spacious, safe and comfortable so you'll enjoy your work and thereby achieve more.
Key features of the cab include:
  • Safe for everyone to use: Operator safety is integrated into every aspect of the JX design. Wide self-cleaning steps and big grab rails help prevent minor slips, while the rollover protection system (ROPS) or cab will protect the driver in case of an overturn.
  • All JX operator stations are isolated from the transmission and engine to limit heat transfer and harmful vibration.
  • The flat platform cab and ROPS makes it easy to get on and off, even with muddy boots.
  • For access to low roof buildings, platform versions can be equipped with a folding version of the ROPS and a low level horizontal exhaust.
  • JX drivers quickly become comfortable and remain at their best right through the day. Seat armrests are standard equipment, the seat is readily adjustable to their needs and the suspension smoothes out the shocks from rough field conditions or road transport.
JX Controls
Efficient, Practical Controls
JX is designed as the versatile choice, at a price point that delivers economy and productivity.  You'll find the controls practical and efficient without being complicated, expensive to buy or repair and easy to use.
Take a look at the:
  • Conventional ratchet park brake which is easy to use and effective.
  • Spring return heel operated rear differential lock pedal
  • Fast push button raise & lower of the hitch with lift height range limiter
  • Suspended Pedals for easy cleaning and less dust and noise
  • Easy to use, clear and highly visible instrumentation and conveniently located shuttle levers
  • Air-conditioning provides comfort and warmth/cooling to operate in any weather.