Proven transmission designs and easy to use controls deliver the power and performance you expect from a Case IH JX tractor.  The SynchroShuttle transmission offers speed ranges of 20 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds. 
In keeping with the spirit of JX, the transmission utilises practical technology like helical cut gear teeth, pressure lubricated bearings and synchronisers to provide a simple, efficient yet robust driveline. Gear speeds are spaced to have a steady progression between ranges and be fully compatible with operation around the yard, in the field or on the road.
JX Transmissions
More Transmission Benefits
  • For specialist applications, creep speed provides an additional eight forward speeds from 250 metres per hour at rated engine speed. During operation, these ratios are engaged and dis-engaged by a separate lever, transforming the JX into the ideal vegetable transplanting or harvesting machine.
  • Around the yard or in confined spaces, the low effort hydrostatic steering and standard shuttle enable safe, efficient manoeuvring. With identical forward and reverse speeds, the driver need simply dip the clutch pedal to move the shuttle lever and reverse the direction of travel.
  • The shuttle is particularly useful for the repetitive forward and back driving of loader applications. When equipped with a VISION-LIFT front end loader from the Case IH front end loader range, your JX will excelat lifting and handling big bales or other bulk materials to make light work of the biggest task.
  • For improved in-field traction and better safety when operating on steep slopes, the four wheel drive front axle is the natural choice. In tricky and slippery conditions, the limited slip differential will keep you going. For less demanding work a two wheel drive axle is available.