Driving comfort and day-long multitasking are the focus of the JXU series. Non-skid steps and wide opening, solid-glass doors ensure safe andcomfortable access. All essential controls are logically positioned and within easy reach to make time spent at work more comfortable and productive.
Comfortable and Ergonomic Cabs
Designed for maximum operator comfort, the cab models feature 6 post, platform cabs with 5.3sq. m. of glass for maximum visibility and superb safety.
  • Operating at a very quiet noise level of 75-77dba, the cabs are air-conditioned and spacious, providing a comfortable working environment in Australian summers.
  • For instant familiarity, the cab retains its popular layout in which all gear controls and remote valve levers fall readily to hand.
  • You can select the option of fixed or adjustable steering columns.
ROPS Model Options
Ideal for vegetable and horticulture operators where you need quick and easy access on and off the tractor, ROPS models provide great visibility and surrounding view of the wheels and implements.
ROPS platforms feature:
  • 2 Post Folding ROPS
  • Left Hand Side Mirror
  • Deluxe Mechanical Suspension Seat
  • Seat Belt
  • Flat floor cab with rubber mat and suspended brake, clutch and accelerator pedals
  • Large non slip steps and full length grab rails