JXU tractors deliver excellent hydraulic and hitch performance to operate front end loaders and high-powered implements.  A 59l/min pump serves the hydraulic and rear hitch circuit whilst the steering circuit is supplied by a separate 36l/min pump, ensuring that even at slow engine speed low effort steering is assured without impacting hydraulic performance.
JXU trailer
Hitch Systems designed For Large Implements
JXU tractors accomodate large implements with the CAT II rear hitch capable of lifting up to 5851kg (JXU105)
  • Manage the operation of the implement with the choice of 2 remote valves as standard, or option your machine with three valves.
  • Electronic Draft Control is available on higher specification models to properly manage the engagement of implements with the working ground.
  • Independent Swinging Drawbar ensures excellent control and carriage of trailers and sprayers.
Powerful PTO
JXU tractors feature hydraulic PTOs for efficient transfer of power from the engine, and the wet clutch pack ensures reliable performance.
  • The PTO offers 3 speeds (1000, 540E and 540) for different types of implements, and the 540E (Economy) speed allows the engine to operate at just 65% of normal engine speed, saving fuel and ensuring a quiet operation.