JXU transmissions and PTO drives are engineered for the highest degree of efficiency and reliability. Precision helical gears and forced lubrication systems, are perfectly matched to the engine and driveline for endurance and performance.
JXU Creeper Transmission
Proven Transmission
JXU delivers power and performance in any application.  Features of the transmissions that ensure strong and durable performance include:
  • Proven transmissions - ratios are closely matched enabling a rapid speed progression without loss of momentum up to the maximum speed of 40km/hr for road transport work. In field applications there are 11 speeds in the all important 4-12kph working range.
  • PTO power for every task - the heavy duty pto driveline of JXU transmits maximum power for a years worth of activity, from cultivating to mowing, loader work and haulage. For implements with low power requirements such as sprayers or rotary brushes, the 540 Economy speed provides 540rpm rotation speed at 65% engine speed for greater fuel efficiency and
    reduced engine noise.

In every application the easy operation and ready power delivery will give you the edge and keep you on schedule.

12x12 or 24x24 Transmission Options
Different applications benefit from different transmission ranges. 
  • The 12x12 is ideal for value performance in applications such as transport and mowing that require fewer gear shifts.
  • The 24x24 enables you to downshift or upshift to higher speeds within the gear range by selecting the 'hare' and 'tortoise' icons on the joystick, delivering better productivity and speed under full load.
  • The Powershuttle lever enables quick clutchless changes of direction, excellent for loader work where you'll need to forward and reverse all day long.