Whether your preference is for the maximum visibility and value afforded by a ROPS model, or you prefer the air-conditioned, protected comfort of the MAXXFARM 60 with its cab, the MAXXFARMs have been designed to offer comfort and productivity whichever platform you choose.
Key controls to check out include:
  • Suspended pedals which resist wear and keep dirt and mud away from your feet, an excellent and important safety feature
  • Reliable folding ROPS that meets CE and ASEA safety rules
  • Right hand side hand throttle lever and foot throttle
  • Fully synchronised shuttle with easy to use left hand lever and neutral detent
ROPS or Cab?
ROPS Or Cab? Features & Benefits
All MAXXFARM models are available in ROPS and additionally, the MAXXFARM 60 can be specified as a cab model.   The choice depends on the type of operation you are running.
ROPS models benefit from:
  • Broad flat platform that makes getting on and off the tractor easy, ideal in vegetable and harvesting work.
  • The foldable ROPS enables you to travel under lower hanging trees or buildings.
  • You get improved visibility right around the tractor and implement, excellent when taking care around crops and in narrow lanes.

The cab offers other benefits including:

  • Air-conditioned comfort and awesome audio package
  • Protection from heat, cold, sun, dust and chemicals
  • Higher lighting positions to illuminate better
Easy to use controls
Easy To Use Controls
Driving a MAXXFARM tractor is easy and straightforward with clearly visible controls and efficient placement of important switches and levers.
Take a look at these key features:
  • The tilting steering wheel makes adjusting for more or less space quick and practical.
  • Wide rearview mirrors provide great visibility behind the machine.
  • The Plexiglas mudguard reduces dust and deflects heat.
  • Conveniently placed throttle levers on the right hand side ensure safety and responsiveness.
  • Suspended pedals keep debris clear of the feet and are easily operated.