MAXXFARM's 3 and 4 cylinder engines are water-cooled for low maintenance.  The MAXXFARM 60 is also turbocharged for high-performance power.
Key features that enhance power and productivity from the engines include:
  • Cross-flow head design for maximum fuel combustion
  • Direct injection diesel for higher efficiency
  • Long stroke engines for excellent torque provision
  • Glow plug starting
Productivity Enhancing Engines
Productivity-Enhancing Engine Details
Cross-flow head design brings the air through the opposite side of the engine from the exhaust.  Because the air is cool when it enters the combustion chamber, it allows the fuel to burn more effectively than if it had been warmed by the exhaust.
This is a significant benefit of many Case IH engines.
Direct injection sprays fuel directly into the main combustion chamber rather than via a precombustion chamber.  This allows for greater engine performance (from a more complete combustion process compared to indirect injection), while also decreasing emissions and providing more torque.
Glow plug starting allows the engine to heat the fuel electrically which provides better starts at cold temperatures.  Proven and reliable technology.