Routine service and inspection of your MAXXFARM tractor is easy as all Case IH tractors are well-planned, easily accessed and designed for convenient access to engine and oil inlets.

  • The oil filters are easily changed - as spin-on types, they can simply be screwed on and off into place.
  • The One-Touch open hood lifts clear of the engine and is supported by a gas strut - no chance of it falling down or slipping downwards as you work!
  • The battery is placed at the front of the engine for easy access, just like a JX or JXU tractor.  Likewise, the air filter is easily accessed right at the front of the engine bay, so no need for reaching into dark places.
  • The large radiator grill area ensures excellent air-flow across the engine, enabling the tractors to maintain peak performance in any weather conditions.

It all adds up to less frustration and downtime.