MAXXFARM transmissions are designed and manufactured to be simple yet dependable to provide a long working life across a wide range of conditions.
Key features of the transmission that deliver long operating life and dependable productivity include:
  • Single plate dry clutch
  • Wet clutch PTO with flywheel mounted damping plate
  • Fully synchronised gears
Reliable Transmissions
Dependable Transmissions
MAXXFARM transmissions are based on proven and dependable designs that deliver the power and torque from the engine to the wheels and PTO.
The single plate dry clutch is a reliable design that is easily operated by any driver.  The wet clutch PTO ensures excellent torque transfer while minimising the sudden shock to implements when the PTO begins to spin.
The excellent gear synchronisation of the 12x12 or 16x16 transmission ensures careful speed control and the near 1:1 reverser is simply ideal for front end loader operations and other slow speed activity.