Maxxum® Series tractors are designed with two separate hydraulic pumps.
  • One is devoted exclusively to steering and lubrication
  • Second pump is dedicated power for hitch and remote valves
Two-pump design means you get greater productivity from your Maxxum tractor, with a maximum hydraulic flow of up to 37 gpm (140 Lpm) at the hitch and remotes.
A Case IH Maxxum® Series tractor powers a 1220 planter.
3-Point Hitch
Plenty of 3-point hitch capacity allows you to handle heavy mounted implements. All models feature:
  • Lower link draft sensing
  • Adjustable turnbuckles
  • Telescoping stabilizers to control sway
  • Flexible link ends for quicker connections
Rear remote switches located on both rear fenders are standard on cab models, while the automatic end-of-row function on Maxxum Pro models allows you to achieve one-button control of the 3-point hitch, transmission gear selection, engine speed and hydraulic remote valves.
A Case IH Maxxum® Series tractor powers a 1220 planter.
Hydraulic Feature & Options
A pressure-flow-compensating (PFC) system and 100-Lpm pump along with 40-Lpm steering system and electronic draft control are standard on Maxxum Multicontroller models.
Maxxum 110, 115 and 125 X-Line models feature:
  • Two or three open center remotes
  • 63-Lpm fixed displacement pump
  • 40 Lpm steering system
  • Mechanical draft control
Two, three or four closed-center, electro-hydraulic remotes with flow control are optional on Maxxum Multicontroller models. The optional mid-mount loader valve is available with joystick control.