Maxxum® Series transmissions allow you to take on tough tasks with ease and efficiency. A dedicated Powershuttle on the left-hand side of the steering column provides clutchless forward/reverse shifting and fast cycle times (16 x 16 and 17 x 16 transmissions only) – a real time-saver during repetitive loader chores.
Available on Maxxum Multicontroller models only, a 17th EconoGear™ enhances fuel economy at top road speeds.
Case IH Maxxum® Series tractors feature efficient transmissions.
16 x 16 Semi-Powershift Transmission
The 16 x 16 Semi-Powershift transmission is standard on all Maxxum Pro models and optional on the Maxxum 110, 115 and 125. It provides four Powershifts in each of four ranges. A combination gear/throttle lever on the right-hand console of cab models includes a Powershift switch and a range-change push button.
On Pro models this transmission also features:
  • AutoShift™ feature to automatically shift up or down within field or road range based on speed and load
  • Memory shuttle mode that selects the last forward/reverse speed used
  • Speed matching for automatic selection of a gear based on speed and load
Transmission Levers
17 x 16 Semi-Powershift Transmission
The 17 Forward and 16 Reverse offers transport speeds of up to 50kph.  The clutchless Powershuttle delivers significant benefits when working in transport and loader applications where frequent speed and directional changes will be needed.
  • The highly advanced Semi Powershift features field and road modes to automatically shift up and down the gears to maximise output.
  • The clutch pedal is only needed to change between gears eight and nine.
  • Maximising ease of operation still further, you do not need to use the clutch to move off from a standing start.