Agritechnica Machine Of The Year 2010

At Agritechnica in Hannover, November 2009, the Puma CVT  tractor was awarded the prestigious title of "Machine Of The Year 2010".   The panel bestowed the award highlighting the below features:

  • The new Multicontroller and Intuitive Control Panel (ICP) interface and the AFS Pro 600 monitor, enabling easy control and monitoring of the tractor's key functions at a convenient right hand location.
  • Innovative new ABS braking ensures maximum safety at the higher transport speeds (50km/h) that Puma is now capable of.  Certainly a real bonus during transport, it enables safe machine control at speeds that delivery beter productivity.
  • The brilliant new CVT technology really has to be driven to be believed!  Smooth graduated speed increases and easy direction changes make the Puma CVT tractors easy, comfortable and versatile machines!
  • Quiet 69 dB (A) cab ensures that you can work in comfort without exhausting and draining excessive noise.

The "Machine of the Year" prize is assigned in 13 categories. The PUMA CVX received the prize for the category of tractors in the Upper Middle Range.