The high-flow hydraulic system handles varied hydraulic demands and is adapted to the requirements of today’s:
  • Loaders
  • Implements
  • Remote hydraulic motors
A Cat. II/IIIN 3-point hitch has up to a 5,527-kg lift capacity in the larger Puma™ models, with a 7,200-kg option.
Case IH Puma Series tractors’ hydraulic capacity makes multiple operations possible.
The high-capacity, closed-center pressure-flow compensating hydraulic system includes a main implement pump and a separate 17-gpm (66-Lpm) steering and services pump.
  • The standard main implement pump delivers up to:
    • 31.7 gpm (120 Lpm) for long wheelbase (LWB) Puma 165 - 225
    • 26.5 gpm (100 Lpm) for the standard wheelbase (SWB) Puma 115 - 155
    • Total flow equals 48.7 gpm (186 Lpm) for Puma LWB models or 43.5 gpm (166 Lpm) for SWB models
  • An optional 39.6-gpm (150-Lpm) main pump is available on the LWB models to increase total tractor hydraulic flow to 56.6 gpm (216 Lpm)
New hydraulic remote valves increase flow at the remotes:
  • Three or four standard mechanical remotes with selectable detents
  • Or up to five optional electro-hydraulic remotes
    • Up to four available on SWB models
  • Hydraulic mode switches can be tailored to a specific configuration
    • New optional rear-fender-mounted control switch allows handy activation of a frequently used hydraulic circuit (No. 1) from a conveniently accessible ground-level location
Case IH Puma Series tractors feature fender-mounted hitch raise/lower switches for quick hook-up and unhooking.
Cat. II/IIIN 3-point hitch features standard:
  • 12,787-lb. (5,800-kg) lift capacity on the long wheelbase (LWB) Puma 165 - 210
  • Standard wheelbase (SWB) Puma 115 - 155 feature a 12,185-lb. (5,527-kg) lift capacity
Optional 15,873-lb. (7,200-kg) hitch lift capacity on LWB models for loads generated by larger implements (15,197-lb. or 6,893-kg on the SWB models)
Standard rear fender-mounted hitch raise/lower switches for easy positioning of the hitch from the ground.
  • Saves time in hookup and unhooking of 3-point implements
Case IH Puma Series tractors PTO operating speeds maximize efficiency across mixed uses.
Standard 540/1,000-rpm PTO features soft-start modulation protection and an interchangeable 1 3/8-in. (35-mm) shaft:
  • 6-spline, 540 rpm
  • 21-spline, 1,000 rpm
  • Optional on the Puma 165 - 210 is a 1,000-rpm PTO with 1 3/4-in (44 mm), 20-spline shaft
CVT models come standard with 1,000/1,000E PTO:
  • 1,000E mode at 1,700 rpm to save fuel in less demanding operations
  • 1,000 mode at 1,900 rpm for heavier conditions
Fender-mounted PTO control switch allows you to turn off the PTO without getting back into the cab.
Auto PTO Management option automatically turns the PTO on or off at a predetermined height of the 3-point hitch:
  • Reduces operator effort
  • Protects PTO driveline components
Front hitch and PTO option increases versatility and productivity.