Either transmission option makes it easy to operate Puma™ tractors at maximum speed and efficiency:
  • Full Powershift transmission with automatic shifting is standard on all models except the Puma 225
  • Puma 225 comes standard with a new Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
    • CVT optional on the Puma 165 - 210
    • CVT models feature the DieselSaver™ Auto Productivity Management (APM) system for outstanding fuel economy 
Case IH Puma 210 with full Powershift transmission easily handles many field tasks.
18 x 6 Full Powershift Transmission
Standard on all models but the Puma 225. It uses a patented torque-sensing system on the tractor flywheel to measure:
  • Engine speed
  • Transmission torque loading
The Powershift transmission improves efficiency and reduces fuel consumption by changing speed depending on:
  • Engine rpm
  • Transmission loading
  • Forward speed
Standard AutoShift™ setting for both field operation and road speeds provides automatic shifting based on load.
  • Auto Field mode shifts up or down automatically based on engine speed and driveline torque
  • Auto Road mode shifts sequentially through the top seven gears so the shift pattern corresponds to engine torque and throttle position
Optional 19th EconoGear™ economy transport gear reduces engine speed in 19th gear for additional improved fuel economy at top road speeds.
Continuously Variable Transmission is standard on the Case IH Puma 225.
Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
CVT delivers unprecedented levels of fuel efficiency at all working speeds, from creep through top road speeds. Advanced design adapted from more than a decade of Case IH CVT engineering expertise in Europe, adapted specifically for North American producers.
  • Standard on the new Puma 225
  • Optional on the Puma 165 - 210
New DieselSaver™ Auto Productivity Management (APM) system, standard with Puma models, features CVT.
  • Up to 25% fuel savings depending on application
  • Operator sets ground speed, then APM adjusts to ensure the best balance of power and fuel efficiency
  • Stores up to three pre-set speed ranges
  • Easy to switch between ranges

Active Stop Control, standard with CVT, reduces operator effort through easier starts and stops on inclines in the field and on the road – without the need to clutch.

All Puma tractors feature a standard heavy-duty MFD axle.
MFD Axle
All Puma tractors feature a standard heavy-duty MFD axle.
The optional suspended front axle technology includes:
  • A suspended front axle (Puma 115 - 155)
    • Uses automatic self-leveling and controlled shock dampening technology for superior ride and traction
  • Puma 165 - 225 models incorporate Smart Suspension MFD axle technology
    • Reacts based on speed and severity of the drop or bump
      • Better ride
      • Traction
      • Improved performance across furrows and with heavy loads in the front bucket