The Quantum C is powered by the proven 4.5L turbocharged and intercooled four cylinder engine which offers class leading torque* at the lowest engine speeds. The 85 HP Quantum C delivers 363Nm @ 1300 RPM; 95 HP model delivers 398Nm @ 1300 RPM - compare this with other brands of tractors with similar HP ratings!
The Quantum C's engine uses internal exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) to meet Tier 3 emissions requirements and is 100% biodiesel ready.
*Quantum C 85 compared against John Deere 5085M, Kubota M8540 and Massey Ferguson 3645 models. Source: Tractor and Machinery Association of Australia (TAMA) 2010.
Quantum C
Powerful engines to meet your needs

Precise fuel injection. Rotary injection pumps precisely meter fuel delivery to provide a rapid response to changing power demands.

Full engine access. When it comes to servicing, the hood raises completely to allow access to all engine components, whatever implement is attached.

Environmentally friendly. Internal exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), lower emissions and long service intervals combine to promote efficiency and reduce environmental impact.

High-strength lightweight engine construction. In keeping with the QUANTUM C concept, the engine design has been refined to increase strength while minimising overall tractor weight.