Quantum C is available with either 16 x 16 or 32 x 16 Power Shuttle transmission. Both offer 40 kph maximum speed range for road transport. Electro-hydraulic diff lock for 4WD with electro-hydraulic engagement can be optioned for true 4WD and maximum traction.

The Quantum C retains strong power transfer to the PTO for driving larger implements. The 540 economy PTO allows engine speed to be brought back from 2,196 RPM to just 1,535 RPM to make your fuel go further!

Choice of Transmissions to take on your work
Powershuttle. Stop and reverse direction at the flick of a lever for quick and easy maneuverability.

16 x 16 transmission with powershuttle provides a comprehensive speed progression up to 40 kph.

32 x 16 transmission with powershuttle with 2 speed powershift doubles the number of forward speeds.