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Farm Progress Show 

Visit Case IH at Booth at Farm Progress 

See first hand new product introductions, talk to our equipment experts, and enjoy all things RED!
Location of event: Boone, Iowa
Date of Event: August 26 2014


Our Be Ready promise is backed up by more than just innovative, advanced equipment. It all comes down to people, working face-to-face, to supply the support and expertise you need to meet the growing demands of today's agriculture. That's why more than two-thirds of the North American Case IH staff works in the field.

Stop by the Case IH Booth at Farm Progress 2014 in Boone, Iowa for a chat and get your questions answered by people that live farming, and experience all things RED.


Farm Progress Show 2014, Boone, Iowa

Learn more about the Farm Progress Show at: http://www.farmprogressshow.com