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Case IH Equipment offers real savings 

On average, Case IH SCR Technology provides an average operating cost savings of 10% through enhanced fuel economy.* Use this calculator to see for yourself.

Benefits of Case IH SCR Technology

  • Simplicity - There are no emissions components on the engine. All components are located on the exhaust system.
  • Cooler Exhaust Temperatures - No increase in muffler temperature over Tier 3 exhaust systems.
  • More Power - Engines are tuned for maximum horsepower, without compromising efficiency for emissions, resulting in better performance.
  • Fuel Economy - Fine-tuning the combustion process and eliminating exhaust gas recirculation provides substantial improvement in fuel efficiency.
  • Reliability/Durability - Greater durability, increased reliability and lengthened service intervals are all achieved by eliminating the recirculation of exhaust gas contaminants back into the engine.


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* The fuel savings that are shown are averages across our SCR family of engines compared to Case IH Tier 3 equipment. You may experience more or less savings than the 10% average based on crops, conditions and overall machine performance characteristics. Please see your local Case IH dealer for details.