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Case IH Reman: Where Quality Meets Value 

Remanufactured From Their Core 

Remanufacturing gives you the opportunity to purchase replacement assemblies and components that are just like new at a reduced price and with a competitive warranty. In some cases, we’re able to apply engineering enhancements to make remanufactured parts even better than the original components. Reman is also an important way to support sustainable development, which aligns with our commitment to environmental responsibility.


With rebuilt parts, only the failed component is replaced or fixed. In our remanufacturing process, we examine, restore and test parts to original performance specifications with state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, strict salvage guidelines and unequaled quality control.


For every CNH REMAN part:

  • We completely disassemble all cores.
  • We thoroughly clean each component and test it against the latest OEM specifications.
  • We replace all wear parts with new components—including bearings, seals, gaskets and more.
  • We restore or replace all other components.
  • We reassemble and test the finished CNH REMAN parts one final time to ensure OEM performance.



CNH REMAN parts cost less than new parts—offering great value while ensuring peak performance.


Every day, we look to add even more parts to our already extensive CNH REMAN roster. This expanded offering gives you more options for your equipment needs.


When you install our parts in your equipment, you can expect increased resale value.


Unlike “will-fit” parts, we engineer each CNH REMAN part to deliver like-new performance that meets stringent Case IH performance specs.


Because many CNH REMAN parts are ready to install, our service technicians can spend less time completing repairs and service. The results? Quicker turnaround and a whole new level of equipment uptime.


Your existing core has value. We don’t deduct for a damaged core (as long as the core is “like-for-like” and not disassembled), so it’s easier than ever to get credit for your core.


Unlike no-name competitors or rebuilds, our parts come with full warranties—the same coverage we offer for new parts, and sometimes even better.


Case IH remanufactured parts are completely disassembled, thoroughly inspected and reassembled to the latest OEM specifications for uncompromising quality.



Drivelines / Transmissions

Case IH driveline components and transmissions are remanufactured with quality OEM components and upgraded to include critical design improvements. These driveline components are designed to maximize efficiency and provide the highest level of power control. Both manually controlled and electronic transmissions are rigorously tested using state-of-the-art equipment for peak performance and remarkable reliability.


To learn more about remanufactured driveline and transmission components, visit partstore.caseih.com.



  • Sediment Testing on All Parts
  • Air Decay Leak Test on Axles and Transmissions
  • Clutch Build Test Stands—which actuates /sets springs, guaranteeing proper adjustment
  • Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining 
    • Improved process repeatability 
    • Improved product tolerance capability 
    • Improved testing with Auto Data Acquisition 
  • OEM partnership to ensure latest level software on advanced transmissions
  • “Dyno” Tested – All transmissions and axles are tested using a dynamometer to ensure correct torque and rotational speed

Case IH remanufactured electronic components are remanufactured to exacting specifications in clean-room environments featuring temperature, pressure and humidity controls and anti-static surfaces. Circuits are tested and welded using state-of-the-art automated systems that remove the potential for human error. All components are thoroughly performance-tested before leaving the remanufacturing facility.


To see what remanufactured electronics fit your machine, visit partstore.caseih.com.


Engine Components

Case IH remanufactured engine components are designed for optimum performance. Old units are completely disassembled and thoroughly inspected prior to entering the remanufacturing process. All wear items such as bearings and gaskets are replaced with new to ensure smooth, efficient operation. State-of-the-art cleaning techniques remove all traces of oil and dirt, and sophisticated measurement systems ensure that parts comply with OEM specifications. High quality and high value are standard with every part.


To see what remanufactured engine components fit your machine, visit partstore.caseih.com.



Case IH remanufactured engines perform like new at a substantial savings over the cost of a new engine replacement. During the remanufacturing process, all wear parts are replaced with quality OEM parts, and engines are upgraded to incorporate important design improvements. All engines are dynamometer tested to ensure OEM performance and reliability. All dealer-installed engines and components come with a best-in-class parts and labor warranty. Plus, installing a replacement engine often means saving time when compared to the time it takes to perform an overhaul. Replacement engine installations also mean you know what the costs are at the beginning of a job, compared to the possible unexpected costs sometimes experienced in an engine overhaul.


Receiving credit for your engine core is easier and better than ever because we do not deduct for damaged core. Even if it’s a hole in the block (as long as it’s like-for-like and not disassembled), you will receive full credit.


To see what remanufactured engine components fit your machine, visit partstore.caseih.com.



Whether it be the latest fuel technology in high-pressure common rail (HPCR), or mechanical fuel injectors of yesterday, all Case IH remanufactured fuel parts undergo a stringent technical process in order to comply with exact original equipment specifications. All parts are completely disassembled, ultrasonically cleaned, and systematically inspected to identify the components requiring machining or replacement in accordance with rigorous OEM standards. Once the integrity of each fuel component is achieved, the parts are meticulously reassembled to precise OEM specifications in our state-of-the-art clean room using build-stands and test-benches considered to be among the best in the world. The air within the ISO class 6 clean room is continuously circulated through 8 major hepa filter modules, cycling the room air 30 times per hour and filtering out 99.97% of all contaminates down to .3 microns in diameter (a human hair is about 70 microns in diameter). Since contamination is a major concern during fuel pump and fuel injector remanufacturing, it becomes crucial to negate potential environmental factors that can compromise the entire process—especially with regards to high pressure common rail fuel injectors whose tolerances for contamination are low. That’s why every CNH remanufactured fuel component is held to the highest standards having undergone the most exacting series of processes in the cleanest of environments. Simply put, you can trust our fuel components in your machines.


To see what remanufactured fuel components fit your machine, visit partstore.caseih.com.



Case IH remanufactured gearboxes are carefully remanufactured to optimize rotor speed range for peak efficiency. Bearings are precisely lubricated to provide smooth, maintenance-free operation without compromising power. All gearboxes are designed to easily handle the power requirements of Case IH rotors and are thoroughly performance tested to ensure maximum durability and reliability.


To see which remanufactured gearbox fits your machine, visit partstore.caseih.com.



Case IH remanufactured hydraulic parts are a value alternative that is far superior to repairing or rebuilding. Parts are examined for any signs of wear, thoroughly cleaned, and machined to rigorous OEM standards. All performance-based parts, such as barrels, plungers and valves, are inspected and tested prior to assembly. Only the highest quality components are permitted to carry the Case IH brand name.


To see what remanufactured hydraulics fit your machine, visit partstore.caseih.com.

Rotating Electrical

Rotating Electrical

Case IH remanufactured starters and alternators are remanufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications. All components are disassembled and carefully inspected for wear or damage, and all bearings, bushings, seals, O-rings and other wear components are replaced with new parts. Design upgrades are incorporated in the remanufacturing process to maximize engine efficiency during startup. Rigorous performance testing ensures long-lasting performance and durability. All remanufactured components perform like new at a substantial savings over the cost of new replacements. All dealer-installed starters and alternators are competitively priced and come with a best-in-class parts and labor warranty.


To see what remanufactured rotating electrical fits your machine, visit partstore.caseih.com.



Whatever the part, look to Case IH REMAN to provide a high-quality replacement at an unbeatable value. From air compressors and water pumps to everything in between, Case IH REMAN provides increased efficiencies and productivity due to reduced repair times and is an "eco-friendly" solution that supports sustainable development.


To learn more about the Case IH remanufactured parts, visit partstore.caseih.com.