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More power and fuel efficiency when you need it most - working at field speeds, pulling a load. Simple to use, even with minimal training, because there's no programming required or complicated settings to change. The Case IH continuously variable transmission (CVT), now available on Case IH MagnumTM 180, 190, 210 and the new 225 tractors, delivers more. 

RACINE, Wis. - More power and fuel efficiency when you need it most - working at field speeds, pulling a load. Simple to use, even with minimal training, because there's no programming required or complicated settings to change. The Case IH continuously variable transmission (CVT), now available on Case IH MagnumTM 180, 190, 210 and the new 225 tractors, delivers more.  

"Case IH CVT technology automatically adjusts to deliver the best possible balance of power and fuel efficiency," says John Bohnker, Case IH marketing manager for Magnum and Steiger® tractors. "It definitely hits the sweet spot between power, efficiency and simplicity."

It's ideal technology for less experienced operators, and farmers who have hired help, because it's so easy to set the tractor to operate. "With competitive models, you have to program in RPM changes and load changes to keep it efficient," Bohnker adds. "When you have a Case IH Magnum with CVT, you just drive it."  

Case IH Magnum CVT tractors employ the Diesel SaverTM Automatic Productivity Management (APM) logic. "The operator simply selects the desired working speed based on the specific application and time available, and the APM system adjusts automatically and continuously," Bohnker explains. "The operator also can store up to three different pre-set speed ranges, for fast, easy transition from field speed to turning speed to road speed." 

CVT delivers power efficiently

The state-of-the-art Case IH CVT transmission is a ‘hybrid' drive train that combines the stepless speed variability of a hydrostatic transmission with the mechanical efficiency of a traditional gear-on-gear transmission. Four mechanical forward and two reverse gears carry the bulk of the load throughout the Magnum tractor's operating speed range, allowing a higher level of efficiency than many ‘infinitely variable' transmissions.

"It delivers power to the ground efficiently at every speed, without jerking, for the ultimate in smooth, stepless shifting. From standard creeper speeds - as low as 98 feet (30 meters) per hour for beet, vegetable and potato growers - all the way up to 31 miles per hour (50 kph). And it accomplishes transport speeds at a smooth, quiet, fuel-saving engine speed as low as 1450 rpm," Bohnker says. Plus, a maximum reverse speed of up to 18.5 mph (30 kph) allows top productivity for applications like loader work.

Bohnker says the company's European customers have relied on CVT for more than a decade. "Case IH engineers took the European CVT technology and specifically adapted it for North American row crop farmers who face different kinds of crop conditions and demand premium power, unprecedented fuel efficiency and easy operation." 

For operators who are more comfortable with the proven performance of a Case IH Powershift transmission, the 19F6R full Powershift transmission is standard on the 2010 Magnum 180, 190 and 210 models. The CVT transmission is standard on the new Magnum 225 model.

New Magnum 225 standard with CVT

"If you're looking for a lot of power with a lighter overall footprint for a very responsive weight-to-power ratio, the new 225 with 195 PTO horsepower is the way to go," says Bohnker. "The 225 provides fuel efficiency, power and responsiveness ideal for row crop applications."

All Case IH mid-size Magnum tractors are equipped with standard Power Boost - for more power to handle steep grades or tough crop conditions - and the new Magnum 225 is no exception. According to Bohnker, "With the Case IH Magnum 225, you get additional Power Boost for when you're roading or for mobile hydraulics or PTO applications."

Bohnker adds that the Magnum 180, 190, 210 and the new 225 are roughly in the same horsepower and PTO range as the original Magnum 7100 series tractors. "These new Magnum tractors would make a good replacement for your old Magnum 7110, 7120, 7220 or 8920."

Other Magnum advantages

A quiet-running, fuel-efficient 6.75-liter Case IH engine - fully biodiesel compatible - powers the Magnum 180, 190, 210 and 225 tractors. And the sculpted front end still allows a best-in-class 16-foot (4.9-m) turning radius with typical row-crop tires.

These Magnum tractors also take the growing popularity of automatic guidance to the next level by offering Case IH AFS® AccuGuideTM autoguidance as a complete factory-installed option. "Eliminate the need to steer with the AFS AccuGuide and you'll reduce fatigue, improve fieldwork accuracy and lower input costs," Bohnker says. "And an optional Case IH AFS Pro 600 color display can manage autoguidance, monitor key tractor functions and control implements, as well as move over to your combine at harvest time or sprayer for application jobs."

Spacious, comfortable cab

With the largest, quietest, most comfortable cab in its class, excellent visibility and the Case IH Multi-Control Armrest, Case IH tractor operators can focus more on the job and less on fatigue. "The new Magnum 225 is equipped with the same SurveyorTM cab found on the higher-horsepower Magnum models, and it's riding on the same 118-in. wheelbase," Bohnker continues. "That means a smooth, comfortable ride with ergonomic controls and 360-degree visibility."     

In addition, a new suspended cab option cushions the operator from shock loads. And an optional Positive-ResponseTM Suspension system automatically adjusts the seat shock absorber up to 500 times per second, to keep the ride smooth over the roughest terrain.

"The power, comfort and innovation to help producers do more have been Magnum trademarks since their introduction in 1987," Bohnker notes. "The newest generation of Magnum CVT tractors continues that tradition."

Case IH is a global leader in agricultural equipment, committed to collaborating with its customers to develop the most powerful, productive, reliable equipment - for those who demand more. With headquarters in the United States, Case IH has a network of dealers and distributors that operates in over 160 countries. Case IH provides agricultural equipment systems, flexible financial service offerings and parts and service support for professional farmers and commercial operators through a dedicated network of professional dealers and distributors. Productivity enhancing products include tractors; combines and harvesters; hay and forage equipment; tillage tools; planting and seeding systems; sprayers and applicators; and site-specific farming tools. Case IH is a brand of CNH (NYSE: CNH), a majority-owned subsidiary of Fiat Group (FIA: MI).


Article Date: August 31 2009
From Category: Row Crop