Earth Metal Blades
All Case IH True-Tandem™ disk harrows are equipped with Earth Metal® blades. Uniquely formed and heat-treated, Earth Metal blades offer exceptional endurance and break resistance for longer equipment life.
The notched blades aggressively cut residue and vegetation, with excellent cut uniformity.

Compared to conventional blades under identical conditions, Earth Metal blades:

  • Are 30% stronger
  • Last up to 20% longer
  • Resist stress fractures
  • Feature shallow-concavity design
    • Easier to pull than conical or spherical blades
    • Promote better fuel economy
Case IH Earth Metal blades actually re-sharpen as they wear.
  • Provides superior cutting performance over an extended blade life
  • Helps prevent downtime and maintenance labor
  • Lowers blade replacement cost
The performance of Earth Metal blades actually improves as they are used, while conventional blades lose their sharpness with wear.
Crimped Center Blades
Case IH True-Tandem 340 and 370 feature flat spools:
  • Crimped-center blades with matching flat faces are mounted more securely and less susceptible to damage
    • The competitive blades are curved at the center creating spacing issues and movement - reducing blade strength and making them prone to wear and tear
  • The case-nodular style spool from Case IH has greater density for more clearance and better residue flow:
    • Competitive welded tubes and spools create a weaker gang and tube-style gangs have less clearance creating reduced residue flow