High capacity. Higher productivity.
Pressure-Flow Compensating (PFC) hydraulics up to 356 lpm to handle your most hydraulically demanding implements.

The standard system provides power for steering, remotes, power beyond and the three-point hitch. A standard 151 lpm (159 lpm on the Steiger 535) pump relies on the PFC System that delivers the correct flow and pressure where it’s needed, when it’s needed. Optional High-Flow hydraulics provides 208 lpm (216 lpm on the Steiger 535) highcapacity pump for intensive hydraulic operations such as air seeders and beet lifters. This pump is standard equipment on all Scraper versions and AccuSteer. The Twin-Flow option gives you ultimate hydraulic flow capacity for the most demanding equipment. The TwinFlow™ option includes a second PFC pump with an additional 132 lpm of flow (140 lpm on the Steiger 535). The TwinFlow option combined with the high-capacity pump will produce a tremendous max flow of 340 lpm (356 lpm on the Steiger 535).