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AFS Connect Magnum elevates connectivity to new heights

20 Aug 2020

Local farmers will be introduced to a ‘game-changing’ new level of tractor connectivity and remote monitoring when the AFS Connect Magnum becomes available through Case IH dealerships across Australia and New Zealand.
Visitors to last year’s AgQuip Field Days at Gunnedah, in NSW’s North West, got an exclusive look at the Case IH AFS Connect Magnum 340, with the upgraded models featuring a new display, operating system and receiver, and redesigned cab, prompting its description as a “true integration of tractor and technology”.

“The AFS Connect portal is the key to this series of tractor, giving the customer a view of the field operations, fleet information and agronomic data from their preferred device, wherever they are, and also allowing for the sharing of this information with trusted third parties,” said Alyx Selsmeyer, Case IH ANZ High Horsepower Product Manager.

Daniel Elias has a property near Tamworth and trialled the Magnum for four months, putting it to the test across a range of functions and being impressed by what he found both inside and outside the tractor.

“The level of technology the tractor had was very evident, and one of the things I really liked was that while a lot of functions in previous models are factory-set, with the AFS Connect Magnum you can adjust the functions and adjust them easily. It had really good power to ground, rode really well and during cultivation it pulled nicely,” Daniel said.

Matt Davey, who farms near Kadina in South Australia, liked what he saw too, and agrees the technology is something that sets the new Magnum apart from its predecessors.

“They’ve done a lot of good things inside with regards to the new-look cab and I really liked the new screen. Its features are impressive and there are things there that will definitely benefit less experienced operators. There’s so much more programming you can do in it as well, with more options, and it allows for so much customisation,” Matt said. “We were impressed with the design and it will definitely be on the cards one day.”

Alyx said being able to put the new tractor through its paces in local conditions for the past 18 months and get feedback from the people who will ultimately be relying on it to get the job done had been very valuable and helped ensure the new Magnum would fulfil expectations.

“The AFS Connect Magnum has definitely been worth the wait and we’re excited to launch it into our market and show producers what it has to offer" - Alyx Selsmeyer, Case IH

Some of the features include:

- A significant increase in machine connectivity will provide simple solutions to common problems: remote display viewing, remote servicing from a Case IH dealer and a new AFS Connect mobile app and portal will help to stay connected to your tractor no matter where you are.
- Increased integration and customisation means an operator can configure the tractors electronics to simplify day-to-day tasks.  User definable short-cut keys, customisable remote paddles and ISOBUS Aux-N compatible multi-function handle and joystick all help to reduce cab clutter and make these machines some of the most comfortable and intuitive available today.
- Three new system components that work in sync to simplify and elevate the AFS Connect Magnum: AFS Pro 1200 display, AFS Vision Pro operating system and AFS Vector Pro receiver. These three pieces are crucial to re-defining what an owner can expect from their machines and will usher in a higher level of performance and productivity that our customers have asked for.
- A refined MultiControl Armrest with configurable remotes, a MultiFunction Handle with four programmable hot key buttons, and an encoder knob for total control at the operator’s fingertips.
- LED grill headlight option and 360-degree egress lighting; telescoping mirrors adjustable from the cab; and four camera feeds can be viewed on the AFS Pro 1200 display, with two cameras standard on the luxury cab configuration to improve visibility day and night. Additional improvements include a semi-active cab suspension option, breakaway-style marker lights and tyre pressure monitoring sensors.
- Enhanced heating and air-conditioning functions in the re-designed cab as well as additional storage compartments, multiple cup holders, numerous charging and data ports, telescoping steering wheel and full-glass door with no centre pillar to improve visibility.

“The AFS Connect Magnum has definitely been worth the wait and we’re excited to launch it into our market and show producers what it has to offer. With new levels of connectivity, comfort and customisation, this tractor recognises the increasing demands on farm businesses and offers solutions to improve productivity, enhance efficiency and management options, and minimise downtime,” Alyx said.

The AFS Connect Magnum will be available in 200 to 400hp wheeled models, and 340hp, 380hp and 400hp Rowtrac models. Contact your local Case IH dealership for more information.

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