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Axial-Flow combine owners back from USA tour of a lifetime

18 Sep 2014

Visiting farms, factories and the famed Farm Progress Show in Iowa on the 14-day Case IH Axial-Flow USA Tour was an eye-opening experience for 21 Australian Axial-Flow combine owners.

They joined four dealer staff and three Case IH representatives on the tour, which provided access to leading global research and world class manufacturing while travelling the USA. The trip was open to customers who forward ordered an Axial-Flow combine earlier this year.

After visiting the state-of-the-art Axial-Flow combine production factory in Grand Island, Nebraska, Victorian farmer and harvesting contractor Brent Morrish was impressed by the investment in industry leading technologies and the innovation of the Case IH designs, as well as the new models coming onto the market next year.

“I have wanted to visit the Grand Island Case IH factory since I purchased my first Case IH combine 17 years ago and it didn’t disappoint.

“I was amazed that every machine is custom made to order, with such a high attention to detail. The combination of smooth assembly lines all functioning together to produce such a high quality machine was amazing. And the amount of actual ‘hands on’ work completed by the manufacturing team was interesting as well. 

“The entire workforce at the Grand Island plant, from the Plant Manager to the manufacturing workers on the floor, were dedicated to excellence and were all so passionate about their job and Case IH as a company,” Brent said.

“We have ordered a bigger machine than we have purchased in the past, moving from a 7088 to an 8230 Axial-Flow combine, and I’m really looking forward to the increased technology when we begin harvest in early October.

“The whole trip really confirmed my confidence in the quality of Case IH machinery – it’s no wonder there is so much demand.”

But the tour wasn’t all business for Brent: “Not only did I leave with a better understanding of Case IH as a global company, but I also made friendships with Australian farmers that will probably last forever,” Brent said.

For New South Wales farmer David Barlow, the farm visits were another highlight: “It was fascinating to see how American farmers do things and I have been able to pick up a few ideas to take home. There’s a lot of highly productive land in the USA so it’s a little bit different than our farm at Jerilderie, but the basic business principles are the same.

“And the farmers we met on the tour went out of their way to show us around their farm. The grain storage facility at Mill Farms, Fargo was very impressive and included a large scale grain dryer – something we don’t have a huge demand for in Australia, due to the lower moisture rate in our grain, but still very interesting to see.”

​“The whole trip really confirmed my confidence in the quality of Case IH machinery," - Brent Morrish, farmer

A trip to the world-famous Farm Progress Show – the USA’s oldest and largest outdoor farm show – in Boone, Iowa also amazed. The group was welcomed by the Case IH Global team and taken on a VIP tour of up-and-coming Case IH models due for Australian release in 2015.

“The team from Case IH headquarters was really excited to welcome us all the way from Australia. They were also very keen to talk and get feedback – in fact everyone we met from Case IH was welcoming,” David said.

Both Brent and David said the tour confirmed their confidence in Case IH as offering unrivalled reliability, productivity, ease of operation and a dedicated dealer network.

Case IH Product Manager, Hay and Harvest, Tim Slater, joined the group on the tour and said it was wonderful for customers to have the opportunity to see ‘first hand’ Case IH’s world class manufacturing process.

“At the end of the day farmers are always looking for greater productivity. Being able to see the step-by-step process of everything from research and development to world class manufacturing has given the customers on the tour a feeling that they are supported by the latest innovations and technology, confirming their confidence in the Case IH brand.”

Regardless of crop, field condition or farm size, Case IH Axial-Flow combines are proven to produce the highest in both grain quantity and quality. Axial-Flow combines deliver exceptional fuel economy as well as impressive horsepower.

Axial-Flow combines are designed with fewer moving parts for unmatched reliability and easier serviceability and are designed to harvest over 130 types of grains in many conditions. Controlling crop flow is the key to harvesting success. The Case IH Axial-Flow feeder, rotor, grain handling, residue management, and power systems are designed to optimise crop flow and maximise productivity. Gentle grain-on-grain threshing is the hallmark of the Axial-Flow design. The entire system is designed to minimise grain damage.

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