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Kenway & Clark embark on new era with manager’s retirement

28 Mar 2018

When Kevin Traynor started at Kenway and Clark ïn Moree more than a decade ago, he says it was “a bit like coming home”.

Ten years on and it’s time to say goodbye, with Kevin retiring from his role as Group Sales Manager this week, farewelled by the many staff who he’s come to consider family over the years.

Kevin, who’s Moree district born and bred, arrived at Kenway and Clark in 2007 after working as an agriculture business manager with a construction machinery company. While the shift to ag machinery took a little getting used to, the people he was working with didn’t.

“Someone said (Kenway and Clark General Manager) Pete Burey had asked me to come and see him about a job. I said I already had a job so it had better be a good one,” Kevin said. “And it was. I already knew the team from Kenway and Clark – I’d grown up with them, I’d gone to school with them, served on local committees with them – so when I walked in that first day I didn’t need any introductions.”

He said he’d loved his time at the company, finding it both personally and professionally satisfying, with the business achieving significant sales growth and growing from three branches to four – Moree, Goondiwindi, Inverell and Wee Waa.

“I’d like to think I’ve been able to do some things that have made a difference,” Kevin said.

Peter Burey agrees, saying he would be missed by colleagues and customers alike.

“Kevin has led his sales team well and they have seen some of our best sales figures for the Case IH franchise.  These results are reflective of Kevin’s leadership, and I thank him for his dedication to the role,” he said.

Kevin said one of the highlights of his career had been the chance to help mentor young people coming into the industry and he’s proud to say one of those young men is taking over his role when he goes.

“I really enjoy working with young people and seeing them succeed professionally and moving up the ladder – I get a real kick out of that.”

He said he’d also miss the contact with customers, many of whom had become friends, saying honesty and consistency were the most important factors in building these relationships.

Pete McCann, Case IH General Manager for Australia/New Zealand, was in Moree earlier in the week to wish Kevin well and make a special presentation marking his retirement.

“Kevin has been an important member of Kenway and Clark for many years, and just as important to Case IH with his knowledge, passion for the brand and industry, and 100 per cent effort with everything he’s done,” Pete said. “We hope he enjoys a well-deserved retirement”.

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