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Puma goes above and beyond for dairy farmer

28 Nov 2014

Patrick McMonogle bought his first Case IH Puma 155 back in 2008. It is with a heavy heart that he finds himself saying goodbye to his trusty wagon-puller and trading it in for the latest 155 model.

“The Puma 155 is without a doubt the best tractor we’ve ever owned,” he says. “It’s clocked up 12,000 hours working eight hours a day. We change the oil and that sort of thing, but when you consider most tractors would average around 7,000 hours before giving up, it’s just incredible.”

Patrick has made the decision to purchase a new Puma 155 based on the stellar performance of his first one. Helping Patrick keep Kanyapella Milk Co running smoothly for over six years, each day it would pull a five tonne feed wagon around the property’s 2,000 acres for eight hours, filling the bellies of the 1,050 cows and hundreds of calves that live on the Echuca farm in Victoria.

“I’m very sad to see it go. I’ve got the new Puma 155 sitting on the farm ready to take over operations – I’m hoping it will be as good as the first one but it does have a tough act to follow.”

​“The Puma 155 is without a doubt the best tractor we’ve ever owned.”

There’s also a Puma 165 in operation at the dairy farm, mainly used for cultivating maize that can be used for silage. When it came to thinking about retiring the original 155 however, Patrick always knew he was going to upgrade to the latest 155. After experiencing how reliable they are first hand, he wanted to stay with the Case IH Pumas.

“Darren Stephenson and David Jackson who work for Case IH in this area are so well equipped with everything you need to run your business – I just can’t say enough good things about them and the quality service they provide,” says Patrick.

“There’s also great mechanics down here who are so particular in the work they do it fills me with confidence – which is important with a machine that is so vital to my business operations.”

Patrick also enjoys the horsepower and fuel efficiency of the Pumas. “The workload is constant, the drive is constant – there’s not much more I need from it.”

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