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Red power coming out in front

14 May 2018

Red on red is a winning combination.  Just ask third-generation farmer Jack Gall, who works alongside father Greg and brother Sam on a family operation near Goorambat, Victoria, where they farm canola, wheat, oats, beans and grow sheep. 

Jack recently purchased a Case IH Draper Head 3152 45ft to go with the family’s Case IH Axial Flow 8240, and has been very impressed. 

“The front matches up really well with the harvester and the functionality of the two work really well together,” Jack said. “The front required minimal set-up and enabled us to get straight to work hassle-free.”

The Gall family are long-time Case IH customers through O’Connors at Shepparton, so after experiencing feeding and breakdown problems with another brand, they looked to the brand that had served them well in other areas of their operation.  

“We were having a few issues and were open to trying something new. We saw Case IH had released this front so we thought we would try it out,” Jack said.

Customers come first at Case IH, so Pete McCann, General Manager for Case IH Australia and New Zealand, recently visited Jack to see the new front in action on a paddock of lentils as part of a contract job. 

Jack said that he’d been really satisfied with the job the front had been doing since putting it to work. 

“The results have been great, and the capability to feed is excellent,” he said. “The durability is also something that I’d highlight.” 

Case IH is always looking for ways to improve its products ensuring they live up to customer expectations. 

“A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes on these new fronts, and we’re now seeing that time and effort has paid off,” Pete said. 

​​Some of this work includes the repositioning of the reels cams from the centre to the outer ends, with a new slim line design opening up visibilty in the centre of the unit between the two reel sections. A new knife head has also sigificantly increased reliability and cutting performance.​

Tim Slater, Product Manager Hay and Harvest for Case IH Australia and New Zealand, said other  updates focussed mainly on greater reliabiltiy and durability, with improvements to the main frame and stabiliser wheel assemblies. Refinements have also been made to the feed decks and retractable tyne drum, including rubber-coated driver rollers, double “V” guide belts, rock strippers and quick release clean-out doors available in solid or perforated design. There’s also a new tyne patter and guide material.

“These, combined with the standard auto header height and tilt functions, offer a great value package to match up with the many automatic functions already incorporated into the Axial-Flow combine,” Tim said. 

The Galls are looking forward to getting their new Draper front out in the paddock again, with plans to use it on canola, wheat and chick peas in the future.

“We wouldn’t hesitate in telling other farmers who are in the market for a new front to have a really good look at the Case IH fronts and consider buying one,” Jack said. 

To find out more, see your local Case IH dealer or visit the Case IH website at 

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