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The logical next step in spray technology

16 Oct 2014

New spray technology incorporated in the Case IH AIM Command Pro spray system on Patriot self-propelled sprayers provides unprecedented application control and accuracy in a wide range of conditions maximising the return of investment for growers in both crops and chemicals.

Case IH Product Manager, Pete McCann says managing the droplet size and pressure when spraying is key to delivering improved pest control leading to higher profits through higher crop yield.

Since first production in 1998, AIM Command has built a reputation for its comprehensive impact on chemical spray quality, drift management, standard and variable rate applications and operator convenience.

“The most important advantage of AIM Command is the ability to control the pressure in the boom independent of the chassis speed. This gives the operator the advantage of being able to balance coverage and drift for their particular field conditions on the fly, saving time, increasing acres per day, and maximising yield potential like no other system in the marketplace today.” 

“The AIM Command PRO has all the same advantages as AIM Command, with new technology adding a number of benefits,” said Pete.

“What puts the AIM Command PRO in a class of its own is its ability to maintain constant pressure for a consistent droplet size.”

The individual nozzle control minimizes skips, preventing over-application and crop damage.

​“What puts the AIM Command PRO in a class of its own is its ability to maintain constant pressure for a consistent droplet size.”

​“As the nozzles pass over previously applied or unapplied areas, each individual nozzle turns on or off as needed for the application specified making it easier for growers to balance coverage verses burn in long point rows or around pivots or obstacles.”

The AIM Command PRO also has a new “turn compensation”. This feature allows individual nozzles to match the rate for that nozzle’s speed through the field relative to its position on the boom during a turn.

“Turn compensation adjusts for different speeds across the boom during turns, providing a consistent and accurate application rate. The programmable “soft” boom configuration also allows the operator to customise boom configurations for factors such as a fence row or wheel track configurations.”

Case IH continue to bring new spray technology to market underpinned by cutting edge research, engineering design, and lab and field testing.

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