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The next generation of Axial-Flow combines is here

10 Jul 2015

​In an industry facing increasing pressure to optimise yields, the arrival of the new Axial-Flow 240 Series combine from Case IH comes just in time for the 2015 harvest.

The new Axial-Flow 240 Series combines promise to bring growers greater levels of performance, productivity and profitability.

Boasting exceptional fuel economy as well as impressive horsepower, the Axial-Flow feeder, rotor, cleaning, grain handling, residue management and powertrain systems are designed to optimise crop flow and maximise productivity. That means more grain in the tank and more profit in your pocket.

“Simply put, Axial-Flow combines are a smart investment for any farmer,” says Tim Slater, Product Manager – Hay and Harvest at Case IH. “Not only do you get a powerful, fuel-efficient machine designed to optimise your yield for bigger profits, but you get a reliable combine that has an impressive resale value when it’s time to upgrade.”

Better control, more power
A refined multifunction handle in the 240 Series enables smoother control, with controls for feeder, rotor, cleaning, residue and drivetrain functions grouped in a logical order and within easy reach of the operator’s right hand.

The new state-of-the-art engines you’ll find in the 240 Series offer higher horsepower levels, high levels of durability and cooling and larger fuel tanks. This means you can keep working all day without stopping for fuel, and unload on the go without slowing down. To accommodate this high harvest speed and increase in productivity, some structural enhancements have also been made to the feeder house.

“Simply put, Axial-Flow combines are a smart investment for any farmer.”

Improved grain handling
The inclined delivery auger has been enhanced on all 240 Series combines to enable a more even filling of grain tanks, and the end bearing hanger has been rotated and changed to a welded style for increased strength. In the 8240 and 9240 models, the grain tanks have increased in capacity from 12,330L (350 Bu.) to an impressive 14,400L (410 Bu.).

To cope with these increased levels of grain, a new yield sensor has been installed across all models and provides more accurate yield readings, even for operators that don’t calibrate their yield monitor as often as they should.

The Axial-Flow 240 Series combines also feature the largest cleaning systems in each class (all 6.5 m2) with self-levelling capability and hydraulically driven Cross-Flow™ cleaning fan to ensure more grain finishes in the grain tank.

Thorough residue management
The residue management system is built to handle tough residue associated with new crop genetics. A new standard cut chopper with only 24 blades gives the same chop quality as the previous 28 blade design, and features new blade cast mounting lugs for improved blade retention.

Enhancements to the fixed chopper counter knives ensure the knives can be engaged or retracted with ease, and reduce the amount of material accumulating on the knife bar, between the knife and slot and at the bottom of the pan.

New sieve and windrow rubber curtains further improve the flow of material through the combine, and copper shift spline enhancements help enable full tooth engagement.

Work with the best
And of course, you get all the smart features associated with this line of combines that sets the benchmark for the industry, producing the highest levels in both grain quantity and quality regardless of crop, field condition or farm size.

Industry exclusive features such as hydraulic rotor reverser, 10.4m (34ft) folding unloading auger with pivoting unloading auger spout across the whole 240 Series, along with ease of access for service and clean down are hallmarks of the Axial-Flow 240 Series.

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